Black Oil Sunflower is the # 1
choice of the most wild birds.
Premium Wild Bird Food -
Blend of backyard birds'
favorite seeds and grains.
For use in hopper, tube or
platform feeders. Attracts:
Cardinals, Grosbeaks,
Sparrows, Towhees,
Morning Doves, Quail,
Buntings and others.
Rendered beef suet, sunflower seeds,
millet and cracked corn. Treats will
become soft and pliable at 100 degrees if
exposed to extreme heat. They will return
to normal hardness at room temperature.
Our quality allows suet to be fed YEAR

Feathered Friend Sunflower
Hearts wild bird food is a
popular year round treat for all
species of birds. All species
enjoy this high-energy, high
protein seed, and you'll enjoy the
lack of shells and mess. For use
in hopper, tube, platform and
window feeders.
An elite, zero-waste wild bird food
blended with fruit to attract the
most desired outdoor pets and
give you the cleanest feeding
Real Fruits and Nuts - Not
just fruit flavors - Advanced
Formulas include a
wonderful Cherry Flavor -  
Electrolytes - Help animals
retain body fluids and enjoy
better health. Amino Acids -
Support better feathering,
color, reproduction and
growth for birds. No Corn,
Milo, or other fillers - Means
less waste in your  yard.
Formula Lock maintains