Deliveries are available utilizing either a dump truck or flat bed truck with forklift.  All materials can be delivered to either your home or job site.  
Delivery times are usually same day or next day.  Due to the nature our business, delivery times are approximated, however, we expend all
efforts to maintaining a tight delivery schedule.  Cost is determined by location, transportation method and amount of delivered material.

dump truck is used for loose aggregates, mulches and/or soils.  Deliveries may be dumped in designated areas* and depending on
quantities, from two yard up, size of truck will vary.  Lesser quantities of material will be dumped by our smaller trucks allowing for easier access
to designated areas.  It is recommended that customers  to be on location for delivery, or a marker placed to ensure accurate dumping.  

Dump trucks may leave ruts due to the weight of materials. If it is requested by the customer that the dump truck travel onto unpaved areas, it is
the full responsibility of the customer if damage occurs to ground, any underground fixtures such as irrigation systems or septic tanks, and/or
towing charges.  Per town ordinances, it is not permissible to dump on public streets.

Tailgate spreading of materials (materials are dumped while truck is moving forward) is possible in driveway or level areas.  Tailgate spreading
is not guaranteed, and the driver will make the decision upon arrival at the dump site.  

Split dumps are available in two or more spots at the same address depending on size of load and as long as it does not exceed a ten-minute
dump time.  If more time or an additional delivery is needed, delivery charges may be reassessed.  

Combined loads, those of unlike materials, are available; however, the customer is advised that some material mixing will occur.  Additionally,
due to weight of different materials, it is up to management as to the delivery options.  Miscellaneous materials (packaged material, landscape
fabric, etc.) may be sent with deliveries.

flatbed truck with a “piggyback” forklift is utilized for palletized stone and pavers, large boulders and pre-stacked firewood.  The flatbed truck is
designed to carry the forklift on its bed.  The forklift needs a 10’ side-to-side clearance, therefore, customers need to consider placement of
materials and pre-existing fixtures, such as fences, gates and narrow openings.  The forklift may cause ruts in soft and/or wet areas.  

*Please note that it is up to the driver’s discretion as to the accessibility of designated area for material placement.  The utmost care is
taken to ensure that damage does not occur to private and/or public property, as well as to ensure the safety of customer, driver and