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Loosens compacted clay soils, thus
improving water and air movement into
soils. Improves drainage and reduces
standing water or ponding. Improves soil
moisture retention. Increases root growth
promoting strong, healthy plants.

Preemergent control of Crabgrass,
Foxtail, Goose grass, Poa Annual and
other annual weed grasses while
your lawn for up to 8 weeks, using a
quality homogenous based, value
priced fertilizer.

Agway brand Fast Acting Lime.
25lb bag covers 5,000 sqft.
New formula - one bag equals
5 bags pelletized lime.

A 6-12-6 formula 17% Calcium. Starter
Fertilizer with Rapid-Lime contains both a
premium starter fertilizer as well as a
fast-acting lime for a one-pass application
to new lawns to save you time and money
on lawn care. Fortified with pHCa
Technology to deliver nutrients more
efficiently. Increases calcium levels in the
plant to regulate nitrogen uptake for a
healthier lawn. Reduced dust formula is
easy to apply with any fertilizer spreader.
Mother Earth's carries a full line of Agway and Jonathan Green Lawn and
Garden Products. Please click on the name of the product for a full description
and usage guide.
We carry a large variety of
products for both lawn and garden.
Having an issue with
deer or rabbits? We
have just the solution!
Deer Scram and
Rabbit Scram. We
also carry Mole
repellent, and Ant,
Flea and tick killer.