Natural Stone & Manufactured Patio Block

The beauty of natural stone speaks for itself.  Each stone enlivens any landscape project with its unique tones and expressive lines.

Patio block and walkways are available in concrete, manufactured bluestone and thermal bluestone.  A variety of sizes, shapes and
colors are in stock for immediate pick-up.
Steppers and Slabs
Patio & Wall Block
Pennsylvania Wall
Pennsylvania Stepper
Moss Rock
Natural Bluestone Flagstone
Colonial Blue Wall
Pennsylvania Slab
Assorted-Size Boulders
Natural Stone Veeneer
Colonial Lilac Wall
Colonial Blue Stepper
Dive Rock
Chinese Steppers
Maple Creek Wall
Colonial Blue Slab
Pond Rock
Natural & Sandstone 18" Round
Laurel Mountain Wall
Decorative Rock
Natural  & Sandstone 16" Square
Mexican Beach Rock
Manufactured Bluestone 18" and
24" Square Block
Irregular Stand up Bluestone
Irregular Style Manufactured
Suppler of:
Pennsylvania Wall
Irregular Bluestone
Moss Rock
Colonial Blue Wall
Assorted Steppers
Long Island Boulder
Assorted Patio Block
Assorted Slabs