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A healthy lawn doesn't usually happen on its own. It takes time and attention but the results are... Well? Downright gratifying! See Mother Earth's for Lawn seed, fertilizers, lime, soil and more for any lawn - shady or sunny - we can help!

Gardens too are a source of enjoyment for many, but a great way to supplement your grocery bill and nutritional needs during those long winter months. Who doesn't enjoy reaping the benefits of the seeds they've sown? Mmm, mmm, good!

And while your lush lawn may be the envy of the neighborhood and your garden producing blue-ribbon vegetables - don't think the critters haven't noticed the fruits of your efforts and want a taste too!  We have Deer, Rabbit, Mole, and other pest repellants and deterrents to keep your lawn & garden safe - when you're not there to do it!

Erosion Control

  • Silt and Construction Site Fencing
  • Straw and Hay Bales for Animal Bedding and Erosion Control
  • Rolls of Jute and Erosion Control Fabric
  • Bamboo Barrier Rolls
  • Burlap Rolls
lawn & garden
lawn & garden

Lawn & Garden & Erosion Control

We proudly carry these and other fine brands.