Department Info


  • Firewood is sold throughout the year. Firewood is sold by the full, half or face cords. Half cords, and face cords  are also 
  • sold stacked on a pallet and delivered  with a forklift delivery. Firewood may be picked up by the piece at Mother Earth's yard.
  • Wood Pellets are sold by the ton or ton and a half; fifty 40 lb. bags per pallet(ton) or by the bag. Wood pellets are a fuel alternative that are environmentally-friendly and cost efficient.
  • BioBricks are in stock as well and are used for wood-burning stove and have the same qualities as the Wood Pellets.
  • Coal is available. Nut Coal is convenient, clean and easy to store.
  • Wood Burning Essentials in stock: Fire-starters, Fatwood, & Kindling